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February 2024 From slow to SIMD: A Go optimization story by Camden Cheek Go 1.22 Release Notes Related documents: Go 1.22 Released by Andrew Phillips What's Coming in Go 1.22 - Daniel Martí - November Gophers 2023 Start With the Go Standard Library by Matthew Sanabria 나는 일을 즐기며 일할 수 있을까? by Woojin Kim 이 분은 그냥 순수하게 자기 하고 싶은 일을 하고 있을 뿐이고 회사에서 오랜 시간 즐겁게 머물며 현대에 분업화 된 여러 가지 일에 관심을 가진 나머지 그냥 자연스럽게 팀에서 일어나는 모든 일을 알고 있을 뿐이었습니다.

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Index Performance Generics Others Performance Go 1.22 inlining overhaul pprof documentation A Deep Look Into Golang Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO) Profiling and Execution Tracing in Go What I learned pprof can diff with go tool pprof -http=:8080 -diff_base <file2> <file1> How to Write Accurate Benchmarks in Go Not resetting or pausing the timer Making wrong assumptions about micro-benchmarks Not being careful about compiler optimizations Being fooled by the observer effect Obscure Go Optimisations - Bryan Boreham Take-aways Slice-to-interface cast will allocate.

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December 2023 The Big Cloud Exit FAQ by @dhh This isn’t some archaic knowledge that’s been lost to the ages. We might not know exactly how the pyramids were built, but we do still know how to connect a Linux machine to the internet. I think many of us are forgetting this. “buy the baseline, rent the spike” 100% agree. Constant Propagation in Compiler Design In simpler words, we can say that if some value is assigned a known constant, than we can simply replace the that value by constant.


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Reflections on Career Advancement: Understanding the Power of Relationships and Reputation Anyone can become a Director by working hard enough. To become a Sr. Director, someone needs to push you. To become a VP, several people need to pull for you. Check job postings weekly and ensure you have at least one job interview a year. Almost no one applying for a certain position lacks the qualifications. People who can hardly go wrong even if chosen with eyes closed are the ones who get the interview opportunities.