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June 2024 Writing generic collection types in Go: the missing documentation by Zach Musgrave Smart Fools by Kihong Bae Instead of spending time and energy looking for reasons not to invest, spend time and energy looking for reasons to invest. Best GraalVM mug by Christian Humer WE DO THIS NOT BECAUSE IT IS EASY BUT BECAUSE WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASY Simple Design by Youngrok Pak If extending the project timeline to improve code quality, it shows a misunderstanding of what code quality is.

OLAP database query optimizer and performance

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OLAP database query optimizer and performance OLAP workloads Online analytical processing, or OLAP, is an approach to answer multi-dimensional analytical queries swiftly in computing. OLAP VS. OLTP: THE DIFFERENCES OLAP is used for complex data analysis, while OLTP is used for real-time processing of online transactions at scale. Luft: OLAP database for Airbridge Airbridge dashboard demo Let's take a look at what you'd do if you implemented.

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Index Performance Generics Others Performance Inline Heuristics Review On Thursday 3/28 we held a design review looking at the new inlining heuristics framework being developed as part of the inlining overhaul effort (this was a separate session from the usual C&R meeting) From Go compiler and runtime meeting notes Go 1.22 inlining overhaul pprof documentation A Deep Look Into Golang Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO) Profiling and Execution Tracing in Go What I learned pprof can diff with go tool pprof -http=:8080 -diff_base <file2> <file1> How to Write Accurate Benchmarks in Go Not resetting or pausing the timer Making wrong assumptions about micro-benchmarks Not being careful about compiler optimizations Being fooled by the observer effect Obscure Go Optimisations - Bryan Boreham Take-aways Slice-to-interface cast will allocate.

Newsfeed 2023

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December 2023 The Big Cloud Exit FAQ by @dhh This isn’t some archaic knowledge that’s been lost to the ages. We might not know exactly how the pyramids were built, but we do still know how to connect a Linux machine to the internet. I think many of us are forgetting this. “buy the baseline, rent the spike” 100% agree. Constant Propagation in Compiler Design In simpler words, we can say that if some value is assigned a known constant, than we can simply replace the that value by constant.


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Reflections on Career Advancement: Understanding the Power of Relationships and Reputation Anyone can become a Director by working hard enough. To become a Sr. Director, someone needs to push you. To become a VP, several people need to pull for you. Check job postings weekly and ensure you have at least one job interview a year. Almost no one applying for a certain position lacks the qualifications. People who can hardly go wrong even if chosen with eyes closed are the ones who get the interview opportunities.