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Inline Heuristics Review

On Thursday 3/28 we held a design review looking at the new inlining heuristics framework being developed as part of the inlining overhaul effort (this was a separate session from the usual C&R meeting)

From Go compiler and runtime meeting notes

Go 1.22 inlining overhaul

pprof documentation

A Deep Look Into Golang Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO)

Profiling and Execution Tracing in Go

  • What I learned
    • pprof can diff with go tool pprof -http=:8080 -diff_base <file2> <file1>

How to Write Accurate Benchmarks in Go

  • Not resetting or pausing the timer
  • Making wrong assumptions about micro-benchmarks
  • Not being careful about compiler optimizations
  • Being fooled by the observer effect

Obscure Go Optimisations - Bryan Boreham

  • Take-aways
    • Slice-to-interface cast will allocate.
    • Heap allocation is costly.
    • Generic methods are not fast.
    • Heap Ballast is dead.
    • Long live GOMEMLIMIT!

Fixing Memory Exhaustion Bugs in My Golang Web App

Go 메모리 관련 OOM 버그를 수정하는 여정에 관한 이야기

디버깅 과정을 상세하게 공유해 주고 있으며, 특히 Other lessons learnedDead ends 파트에서 공유해준 내용에는 배울 점이 많습니다.

Bounds Check Elimination in Go 101



Deconstructing Type Parameters by The Go Blog


NilAway: Practical Nil Panic Detection for Go by the Uber engineering blog


Go compiler and runtime meeting notes


Go basically never frees heap memory back to the operating system

Go 1.20 Experiment: Memory Arenas vs Traditional Memory Management

Despite the tradeoffs, arena is a very cool feature.

DRAFT RELEASE NOTES — Introduction to Go 1.20

GopherCon 2021: Suzy Mueller - Debugging Treasure Hunt

GopherCon 2019: Dave Cheney - Two Go Programs, Three Different Profiling Techniques