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Single Server MMORPG: Technology stacks

created: 2020-09-22 | updated: 2020-09-22

Technology stacks

This technology stack is not consistently enforced for all MMORPGs. However, it will be the basis for technical decisions, so that I will mention it.

Single Server MMORPG: What is single server MMORPG?

created: 2020-09-21 | updated: 2020-09-21

What is a single server MMORPG?

Before I begin, let's clarify the concept of what we're going to talk.

Single Server MMORPG: Introduction

created: 2020-09-17 | updated: 2020-09-20

This post is the first of the Single Server MMORPG server series.

Single Server MMORPG server uses one logically server instead of using multiple separate sharded servers.