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Single Server MMORPG: Technology stacks

created: 2020-09-22 | updated: 2020-09-22

Technology stacks

This technology stack is not consistently enforced for all MMORPGs. However, it will be the basis for technical decisions, so that I will mention it.

Single Server MMORPG: What is single server MMORPG?

created: 2020-09-21 | updated: 2020-09-21

What is a single server MMORPG?

Before I begin, let's clarify the concept of what we're going to talk.

Single Server MMORPG: Introduction

created: 2020-09-17 | updated: 2020-09-20

This post is the first of the Single Server MMORPG server series.

Single Server MMORPG server uses one logically server instead of using multiple separate sharded servers.

게임 서버 아키텍처

created: 2020-08-14 | updated: 2020-08-17

아직 작성중입니다.

게임 서버 아키텍처에 관한 이야기를 합니다. 대부분의 내용은 MMORPG에 특화되어 있습니다.

거대한 단일 MMORPG 서버

created: 2019-09-01 | updated: 2020-08-16

2019년 9월 21일에 데브루키 521회에서 발표한 자료입니다.