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C++ to Go

created: 2022-12-04 | updated: 2022-12-10
C++ to Go Introducing Ziegel 박재완 Luft Ziegel and TrailDB Luft OLAP database for analize the analyzing user behavior in real-time Use TrailDB as a storage Written in C/C++ and Go TrailDB TrailDB is an efficient tool for storing and querying series of events Written in C Ziegel New storage engine for the Luft Written in Go Why?

C++ good reads

created: 2022-09-18 | updated: 2023-01-29
C++ STL performance example with shared_ptr I just have to say this and move on… If you think it's okay to just use the STL for a project that doesn't need this level of optimization or performance, think again. It is highly likely that your project is not suitable for writing Non GC Native language, so it is recommended to replace it with a VM-based language. I don't use C++ anymore for 99% of my projects.

컴파일 시점에 printf 오류 검사

created: 2022-02-06 | updated: 2022-02-06
언리얼 엔진의 UE_LOG 매크로는 컴파일 시점에 입력값의 오류를 검사하지 않습니다. 따라서 실행 중 로그를 기록하려다 의도하지 않은 동작(크래시 등)을 발생시킬 위험이 있습니다. 예) FString temp; UE_LOG(LogClass, Log, TEXT("%d, %s"), *temp); _stprintf_s


created: 2020-04-19 | updated: 2022-09-18
친애하는 나의 C++ std::shared_ptr is not thread safe C++ 좋은 읽을거리

std::shared_ptr 는 쓰레드 세이프하지 않음

created: 2018-09-03 | updated: 2020-08-05

std::shared_ptr 는 쓰레드 세이프하지 않습니다. 관련 예제와 볼만한 링크를 남깁니다.