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February 2024

From slow to SIMD: A Go optimization story by Camden Cheek

Go 1.22 Release Notes

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Start With the Go Standard Library by Matthew Sanabria

나는 일을 즐기며 일할 수 있을까? by Woojin Kim

이 분은 그냥 순수하게 자기 하고 싶은 일을 하고 있을 뿐이고 회사에서 오랜 시간 즐겁게 머물며 현대에 분업화 된 여러 가지 일에 관심을 가진 나머지 그냥 자연스럽게 팀에서 일어나는 모든 일을 알고 있을 뿐이었습니다.

Translation: This person is just doing what he wants to do, and he has been staying at the company for a long time, enjoying various modernized tasks, so he naturally knows everything that happens in the team.

What’s New in Go 1.22: reflect.TypeFor by Carlana Johnson

What’s New in Go 1.22: slices.Concat by Carlana Johnson

Accidentally Quadratic Constant Folding

벌이는 놈, 말리는 놈, 치우는 놈 by Kihong Bae

Who am I? Perhaps a cleaner?

January 2024

Short-lived Datacenter

Authors: Michael Wawrzoniak, Ingo Müller, Rodrigo Bruno, Ana Klimovic, Gustavo Alonso

Peer-to-Peer Communication Across Network Address Translators

Authors: Bryan Ford, Pyda Srisuresh, Dan Kegel

TCP Connections for P2P Apps: A Software Approach to Solving the NAT Problem

Author: Jeffrey L. Eppinger

InfiniCache: Exploiting Ephemeral Serverless Functions to Build a Cost-Effective Memory Cache

Authors: Ao Wang and Jingyuan Zhang, George Mason University; Xiaolong Ma, University of Nevada, Reno; Ali Anwar, Lukas Rupprecht, Dimitrios Skourtis, and Vasily Tarasov, IBM Research–Almaden; Feng Yan, University of Nevada, Reno; Yue Cheng, George Mason University

2023-04부터 실천중인 스프린트 기반의 팀 업무 프레임워크

  • 회의록을 작성한다
  • 회의 목표를 정하고 시작한다
  • 목표를 달성하면 회의를 빨리 끝낸다
  • Write the meeting notes
  • Set the goal of the meeting and start
  • End the meeting as soon as the goal is achieved

만약 정보전달성 회의라면 가급적 회의를 하지 말고 이메일이나 문서로 공유한다.

If it is an information transfer meeting, it is better not to have a meeting and share it by email or document.

Whole world richer by Jeff Bezos

What does cost reduction really mean? It means inventing a better way. Right, and when you invent a better way, you make the whole world richer. So, you know, whatever it was, I don't know how many thousands of years ago, somebody invented the plow. And when they invented the plow, they made the whole world richer because they made farming less expensive. And so it is a big deal to invent better ways. That's how the world gets richer.