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C++ STL performance example with shared_ptr

I just have to say this and move on… If you think it's okay to just use the STL for a project that doesn't need this level of optimization or performance, think again.

It is highly likely that your project is not suitable for writing Non GC Native language, so it is recommended to replace it with a VM-based language. I don't use C++ anymore for 99% of my projects. Most of them are solved with C#, Kotlin, and TypeScript.

I strongly agree.

Can C++ be 10x simpler & safer … ?

C++ 코드를 생성하는 컴파일러를 개발해 C++ 의 좋은 점만 사용하는 50배 안전하고, 10배 간단한 C++ 을 만드는 아이디어